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Knowledge ≠ Competence

When I was 17, I looked forward to passing my driving test as it meant that I could see my girlfriend without a chaperone and at a time of my choice. I had sat in the front seat next to my parents for years and had had hours of observing their driving skills. I had no idea if they were good or bad, all I knew was that they both drove cars fast.

Recruitment ≠ Selection

In 1977 I was a member of the team responsible for recruiting new Young Officers into the Royal Marines. I was trained in Selection Interviewing techniques and was one of the team who ran the 3-day course that sifted candidate potential officers before they attended the Admiralty Interview Board.

Brexit: time for a cold dash of reality

Recently, I went to an event where a government minister was talking. As it was a “Chatham House” rules event, I cannot say who the minister was or from what department. The essence of the minister’s reply to a question on Brexit, was that 90% of the stuff talked about in the press, by commentators, industrialists and by other politicians would have no influence whatsoever on the negotiations or the result.